Monday, July 8, 2013

Lira School Dress Project

It began in a heart, the heart of a mother who loves to sew. She was so busy with her two girls and toddler son that joining us in Uganda was simply not an option - especially in light of the fact that her military husband was deployed. What to do?
Thank you to Heather for creating the Lira School Dress Project that began with a request on Facebook for the wildly brazen goal of delivering 66 handmade dresses in size 6 for the girls enrolled in Primary 1. For good measure the pattern of a simple "pillow case" dress was proffered.

Dresses began to trickle in a month or more before departure time. First a single dress arrived. Next was a small package of six dresses. Soon there was box after box and the goal of 66 dresses was met and surpassed! The GIVERS of these dresses for the little girls in Lira sewed alone or in groups. One mother-daughter team sent a lovely variety of dresses including some in smaller sizes. Packages arrived from the west coast to the east coast of the good ol' USA and many, many states in between. An Oklahoma high school art class sent many dresses with sweet notes for the recipients. (Yes, these notes were delivered to Lira, too.) One Texas church sewing group sent a large package of blessings, er, dresses with a note to let them know when we did the same or a similar project because they want to help again.

Beatrice humbly and gratefully accepted the largest portion of dresses for the primary girls.

Many dresses were distributed to young girls attending VBS.
A dozen dresses went to the children living in the home compound of Teacher Susan. Child by child, they timidly held back the front door curtain to peek in during our home visit until six or more were in the room or on the porch. They had not attended VBS so Luke brought some VBS songs to them. These were indeed very precious moments that came about because of the relationship Susan and Lorraine have developed since meeting over a year ago. Blessings, indeed!
Be assured the dresses brought HUGE SMILES as you can see in these photos. How many dresses were there in total?
In addition there were 132 little girl panties and many colorful hair bows. One box was waiting at home upon our return, but fear not. They were flown with another team member returning to Lira early in July so every dress has now reached Uganda. The dresses were well received, but even more importantly, the love that went into sewing each and every dress was recognized. Thank you for letting us be the delivery persons!


  1. This is so awesome. Seeing the dresses we made on these beautiful little girls brought tears to my eyes! We would love to participate should you do this again!

    1. Thank you twice - for sewing and offering to do it again! So glad you found the photos. This year we are collecting swimsuits to take for our swim lessons that will follow VBS, which is themed "living water." We hope to boost drowning prevention concepts in an area where drowning is the leading cause of children's deaths.

  2. Sounds challenging! When do you need them by? What sizes? Boys and girls?

    1. Thank you for asking! The collection ends this week, and we have some 700 suits - hoping to take them all despite the fact it's a couple hundred more than we need. The school can store them for kids as they arrive. in lieu of suits, would love your prayers if you're the praying sort. Will post photos and info after the trip. Many thanks!

  3. We are absolutely the praying sort. We will be praying for and with you as you follow the path God has already prepared for you. Thanks for responding!