Friday, January 20, 2012

From My Notes

From my notes:
Sat Jan 7 Bonny has invited everyone to his traditional wedding in Gulu. It is about a 2 hour drive. J. and I worry that he will fatigue during the 12+ hour day so we stay behind. Beatrice was disappointed but willing to accept our decision. He works about 4 hours and called it a day. The good news is that we staked the second court after a few starts and stops. One long side got mis-measured and we figured it out when time and again we could not get the fourth corner squared. I taught Ambrose in the pool awhile and then Percy joined us. We worked on front crawl, back crawl, back float, jelly fish float, survival swimming and treading water. As I walked out of the shower room and past the baby pool a little boy entering the pool lost his balance and could not stand up. I was removing my shoes to step in when a man nearer him stepped in and picked him up. The mother stood there laughing and surely did not realize the boy was in trouble. It strengthened my resolve to help these instructors get ready to teach. We begin again on Monday.

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